Welcome to our home on the Web!

We are a small kennel located near the foothills in southeastern Idaho.  With our love and knowledge of the breed, our goal is to improve and strengthen our lines.  We are members of the GSDCA.

We choose top quality dogs that compliment each other's temperament, personalities and looks.  With limited breeding, our goal is to produce puppies of sound mind, temperament and body.  Providing quality, healthy puppies to loving companion and show homes.

Roxann had her first German Shepherd before she was one year old. Prince used to sleep under her crib and was by her side continuously. Roxann has always had German Shepherds and is in love with the breed.

Laura's German Shepherd was not to happen until much later in life. Laura has always had dogs but once she had her first German Shepherd she knew that this highly diverse breed was for her. There was no turning back.


Phone: (208) 227-3023

E-Mail:  roxyjoefrankie@yahoo.com

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